Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nigeria - Higher Education ?

From the BBC

Nigerian universities used to rate among the best in Africa.
In the 1960s students would regularly go on exchange programmes to top British universities. A degree from a Nigerian university was highly regarded.
“All this has changed,” said one professor at the University of Abuja. “The students are bright, but the system lets them down,”

The problems start with crumbling infrastructure.
Around 10 students sleep in a hostel room. When it’s hot they take the mattresses and sleep outside. Despite the poor conditions pupils queue up at the beginning of term to be allocated a room. The kitchens and toilets in the men's hostel are disgusting.

“It’s difficult for some girls to get an education because of pressure from society not to educate women,” . Sexual harassment of female students, lecturers demanding sex for passing grades, is common.

If every student took out three books from the library, the shelves would be empty. Science labs are particularly bad. Their classroom does not have any microscopes or proper laboratory equipment.

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