Monday, February 25, 2008


Socialist Banner reflects the ideas and opinions of the World Socialist Movement which differentiates us from what is generally understood as the Anarchist Movement but we are happy to promote socialist understanding and encourage comradely debate with those who like ourseves are advocating a world society based upon "From each according to ability , to each according to need".

A new issue of "Zabalaza - A Journal of Southern African Revolutionary Anarchism" has just been produced . It features :

* Asgisa: A Working Class Critique

* S.A. Public Sector Strikes

* The 2010 World Cup* Protests Against University Privatisation

* Introduction to the Anarchist Black Cross

* Vigilante Farmers Want Refugee Camps

* Swaziland: The Assassination of Our Dear Comrade

* Europe, Africa and the Neo-Liberal Strategy of Co- Optation

* Fallacies of the Darfur War

* The Congo's Dilemma

* A New Guantanamo in Africa?

* Misrepresentation of Self-Management in the Caribbean

* Some Thoughts on Theoretical Unity & Collective Responsibility

* Clarity on What Anarcho-Syndicalism Is

* Towards an Anarcho-Syndicalist Strategy for Africa

"Until all are free, no one is"

A PDF copy can be downloaded here , while text version can be read here

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