Friday, June 27, 2014

Africa - Migration Dynamics

Below are links to articles in this special issue of Pambazuka News, each in their own way relevant to current discussions in the western world about the 'whys and whos and where froms' of immigrants. Three months ago Pambazuka issued an invitation for articles on the subject. Here are some - in their diversity.

Africa and its Diaspora in migration dynamics

Tidiane Kasse

This special issue of Pambazuka News shows that the question of migration is entangled with complex political, economic, legal, social, cultural issues. One cannot address this issue from an African perspective without thinking about the violence and pillage rampant on the continent over the past several centuries 

Migration and Africa: On the urgent need to think beyond the nation-state

Marco Zoppi

European powers imposed the nation-state on Africa through colonialism. But even after African independencies, mainstream discourses and government policies have amplified the idea that sedentariness and the state are the only acceptable mode of modernity. Migration is portrayed as a menace to the societies where the migrants wish to settle

Sinking hope

Thousands of Africans drown every year as they sail to Europe in search of jobs

Kebba Dibba

Europe has transformed itself into a fortress, with anti-immigration legislation a centrepiece of foreign and domestic policy. Stringent visa regimes, among other restrictions, simply disqualify many aspiring migrants, forcing them to take ever more desperate measures.

The drivers and outcomes of feminization of migration in Africa

Nedson Pophiwa

Migration from Africa has historically been a male-dominated phenomenon, but the pattern has changed significantly in recent decades. African women are leaving their countries of birth to create new lives elsewhere. Economic opportunities are primarily available in childcare, domestic and sex work. These trends should be of special interest to those in the policy-making spaces who are concerned about the wellbeing of female migrants.

Rumble in the Belgian bungle

Citizenship questions are at the heart of the DRC's Conflict

Carol Jean Gallo

Conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), particularly in the eastern Kivu provinces, can be traced to its convoluted history of migration, citizenship and property rights.

Which African diaspora? A slavery descendant's perspective, 500 years later

Marian Douglas-Ungaro

Would it not be both accurate and fair to acknowledge, and to designate, that there exists more than one ‘African diaspora’?

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