Tuesday, June 03, 2014

“There Is Too Much Peace In The World”

“We need wars. We need conflicts. We need tensions in the world to maintain our status”

Every year, the world elite nations and their allies spend over one trillion dollars ( or 1,000 billions dollars) on military equipment and getting ready for war.
They need to justify those gazillions dollars spending in the eyes of their citizens. The people will not accept that all that money spent on military when they are confronted with unemployment, poverty, and lack of opportunities.

Reasons why you now see some countries sponsoring terrorism, arming oppositions groups in foreign countries, setting up “flowers”, “seasons”, and “colors” revolutions around the world, training paramilitary forces to destabilize weak countries, and creating havoc that makes the world insecure and dangerous place.
Also, the rise of fear mongering medias, extremists groups, religious fundamentalists, apartheid, fascist and violent ideologies are to be added to the new schemes the world elite needs to maintain the illusions of their legitimacy.

“There is too much peace in the world” said the old and declining empires with powerful guns.
“If there is no conflict, let’s start new ones. Without terrorism, why would people need us. Without fear and danger at every corner, what would we be useful for”.
Many conflicts you heard about are not natural conflicts. They are certainly based on real concerns and issues, but their militarization is often the work of the old empires desperate to maintain their status, and crony capitalism.

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