Thursday, June 30, 2022

DRC - More War

 The vast mineral-rich DR Congo is struggling to contain dozens of armed groups in the east.

A recent flare-up of heavy fighting in the east has revived decades-old animosities between Kinshasa and Kigali, with DR Congo blaming neighboring Rwanda for a resurgence of a militia called M23.

 Bintou Keita, The U.N. special envoy for Congo, warned Wednesday that the M23 rebel group has increasingly acted as a conventional army during escalating military action in the country.

Eastern Congo, which borders Rwanda, lives with the daily threat from dozens of armed groups that jostle for a piece of the region’s rich mineral wealth, which the world mines for electric cars, laptops and mobile phones. The M23, one of the most notorious rebel groups, surged into action this year and captured a key trading town in eastern Congo this month. Congo has accused Rwanda of supporting the M23.

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