Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Black Gold

The blogger A Very Public Sociologist has posted a very interesting article on Ethiopia and the coffee industry , in particular , the documentary Black Gold . It can be read here in full .

Some extracts :-

Can the market be used to overcome the negative effects of the market? An affirmative answer is implied throughout Black Gold, the 2007 documentary looking at exploitation in the Ethiopian coffee industry...All that's needed is an opportunity for the poor nations to trade their way out of poverty. But all this is rather naive - it assumes the US and EU would consent to ceding their strangleholds on markets out of charity. Just supposing they did, multinational corporations will step in where states have stepped out and ensure global markets remain rigged in their favour. In other words, trade isn't the solution to the problem, it is the problem...

He concludes and Socialist Banner can only concur with the sentiments expressed :-

As long as production is subordinate to the market, as long as workers are not paid the full value of their labour power, superexploitation and one-sided development/underdevelopment will remain the lot of Africa. And no amount of consumption with a conscience will change that.

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