Thursday, March 06, 2008

Food Waste in the UK

Britain is throwing away half of all the food produced on farms .

About 20 million tons of food is thrown out each year: equivalent to half of the food import needs for the whole of Africa.

Last week Japan pledged more than 300 million yen in food aid for Burundi, in Africa, where malnutrition runs at 44 per cent. The food thrown away in the UK last year would meet the equivalent of Burundi's shortages more than 40 times over.

The United Nation's World Food Programme has admitted it might have to ration food aid in response to rocketing global food prices that have soared by more than 75 per cent since their lows of 2000, jumping by more than a fifth last year alone, prompting riots in some countries.

Tim Lang, food policy professor at City University, said: "Waste is a fundamental part of the food economy and it will be hard to get rid of. I do not see how simply appealing to morals will do it."

The need for profit takes precedence over the peoples need for food .

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