Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Chasing the Chinese

Socialist Banner has often reported on the Chinese colonial expansion into Africa and in particular we said here that :

"...It is alleged that Chinese investors mistreat ordinary Zambian workers ... The ZCTU (Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions) has spoken out strongly against the New Economic Zone by pointing out that Chinese investors pay low salaries and the incidence of accidents at workplaces..."

We now read in this report :

"A Chinese manager at a copper smelter in northern Zambia has been admitted to hospital after being assaulted by workers demanding better conditions. An estimated 500 workers at the Chinese-owned Chambishi mine site started throwing stones at the managers as they attempted to hold talks. Police came in to restore order and rescue the Chinese who had taken refuge by locking themselves in their offices." [ Chambishi Smelter, which is under construction, is part of a huge multi-million dollar Chinese investment in the area. ] .

A kitchen for Chinese workers and a guard's house were set alight and hostel windows smashed .

"The Chinese are not respecting Zambian labour laws," said a workers' representative .

While fully sympathising with the reactions and resistance of those Zambian workers , the previous Socialist Banner article cited, concluded "...chasing away Chinese investors is not a method of abolishing capitalism..." and what was really required is workers of Zambia uniting under the banner of international working class solidarity—Socialism.


ajohnstone said...

Management take their revenge .

500 have been sacked . Those sacked have three days to reapply for their jobs .

Seven union officials have also been arrested.

Albert Mando, general secretary of the National Union of Mining and Allied Workers said he was "surprised" by the dismissal, adding that the union could not negotiate when its officials had been arrested.


ajohnstone said...

The Chinese managers of Zambia's Chambishi Copper Smelter (CCS) have agreed to reinstate 500 workers who had been sacked, their union said.