Sunday, April 04, 2021

African Poverty

 Extreme poverty has largely become a problem of only one part of the world – sub-Saharan Africa. 

According to the World Bank in 2018, the region was projected to host more than 90% of the world’s extreme poor by 2030.

That means that more than 400 million people were expected to live on less than $1.90 (£1.40) a day a decade away from now, in sub-Saharan Africa alone, before the arrival of Covid-19.

 More than 70% of the extreme poor in the region, according to the World Bank, live in only 10 of the 46 countries that comprise sub-Saharan Africa. 

According to the South Africa-based civil society advocacy alliance Civicus, only 1% of all official aid (ie funding from agencies like USAid and UKAid).

 An even smaller portion of all humanitarian assistance (that is, all charitable global anti-poverty funding), goes directly to grassroots organisations in the global south.

As a poor Ugandan farmer, white and black people ignore my advice on poverty | Uganda | The Guardian

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