Friday, April 09, 2021

Hunger Spreads

 Nearly 20 million people face a food crisis in West Africa and the Sahel region as the vast area is torn by conflicts and the coronavirus pandemic, experts warned.

 The situation could worsen between June and August, with as many as 27 million people needing immediate food aid, or nearly one in 10 people in 14 countries.

In Nigeria alone, 12.8 million people could face a food crisis "or worse" this summer, according to the Food Crisis Prevention Network, which includes representatives of governments, NGOs, lenders and UN agencies.

In addition to conflict, the displacement of 5.6 million people, weak economies and the pandemic have worsened food shortages in the region, according to the network.

Nearly three million people could face a food crisis in Burkina Faso in the coming months, 2.3 million in Niger, 1.8 million each in Chad and Sierra Leone, 1.3 million in Mali and nearly one million in Liberia.

Niger's former prime minister Ibrahim Mayaki, honorary president of the Sahel and West Africa Club, said, "It is essential we change the way we deal with crises. It means investing in the long term to address the root causes of famine and malnutrition."

West Africa faces worsening food crisis: Experts | Africanews

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