Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Defeat Homophobia

Homophobia is on the rise across much of Africa and remains illegal in many countries, including Kenya. In conservative Christian and Muslim countries in Africa, homophobia is a vote-winner. Kenya’s deputy president, William Ruto, has told worshippers at a church service in Nairobi that homosexuality had no place in the east African nation.  In Kenya a cross-party parliamentary group is seeking stricter application of existing anti-gay legislation

“We will not allow homosexuality in our society as it violates our religious and cultural beliefs,” Ruto was quoted as telling a cheering congregation at the Jesus Winner Ministry Church on the outskirts of the capital. “We will stand with religious leaders to defend our faith and our beliefs,” he said. “There’s no room for homosexuality in this country. That one I can assure you.” The Jesus Winner Ministry Church specialises in prophecies and describes itself on its website as “an oasis” for people “under the yoke of curses, witchcraft, stagnation, ancestral spirits and other evils brought by Satan.” It is popular with Kenya’s political elite.

Homosexuality is illegal in 36 out of 54 African countries and punishable by death in four, according to Amnesty International. In Uganda legislators sought the death penalty for homosexuality and although the anti-gay bill has since been watered down, ruling party MPs remain eager to see it passed. Nigeria and Gambia have passed tough new anti-gay laws in recent years, with Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh, calling homosexuals “ungodly, Satanic… vermins” in a speech last year.

“Our Deputy President Ruto is building himself to be the most dangerous man in Africa. If his strategy works much will burn,” Binyavanga Wainaina, a prominent Kenyan writer who last year came out as gay, warned.

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