Friday, May 01, 2015

May Day is Our day

Greetings to all workers and socialists.

Today working class people will be celebrating our holiday. The 1st of May is traditionally the day of international workers’ solidarity, celebrated by class fighters around the world. May Day is an occasion for socialists and activists to renew their pledges to fight for a different society – a socialist society. It is also the day for honouring the founders of the socialist and trade union movement. It is a time where we pay tribute to their contributions and their sacrifices. Also May Day we pay our respects to all the martyrs of the class struggle and the victims of wars and civil wars brought about by capitalist greed and exploitation. It is a time to remember those who daily risk their lives in the factories, fields and building sites to create profit for their masters, eking out a living for themselves and their families. Also today the task is restoring the real meaning of May Day and reviving the traditions of the pioneers of the workers’ movement. May Day is the day to galvanise the workers for the class battles to come. The World Socialist Movement (WSM) reasserts its firm commitment to the goal of socialism and socialist ideals and its firm resolve to continue its fight for ending the exploitative system of capitalism. Unity and struggle are our weapons in our fight against exploitation.

The most decisive struggles to transform the world on socialist lines still lies ahead. The WSM appeals to the working class to develop solidarity across industries and across borders to defeat the attacks on on their livelihoods and lives. The WSM appeals to the entire working class to be vigilant against any attempts to divide us and disrupt unity in whatever name – nationality, raceor gender. The workers have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to gain. Workers of the world—unite!

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