Monday, January 05, 2015

Africa 2014 in Review

Counterrevolution, Neocolonialism and the Mass Struggle

Lessons from false starts and imperialist intervention

An article by Abayomi Azikiwe (too long to reproduce the whole here) regarding the impacts and ongoing problems in African countries as a result of colonialist and imperialist interventions and history and how it continues through (mainly) western activity, be it corporate  or governmental involvement via 'client' or proxy elites.
US, France, Britain, NATO and Israel, on the one side with Cote d'Ivoire, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Burkino Faso, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana and Pan-Africanism on the other, all get a mention.

Below is how the article concludes:

All of these struggles aimed at winning a decent standard of living for workers, youth and farmers; the ideological and political campaigns to battle reactionary ideas and movements; the quest for genuine all-African unity; and the revolutionary imperative for the empowerment of the majority of the people within society, should be at the top of the agenda of all progressive forces on the continent and their supporters internationally.
With the decline in commodity prices on the global markets, many African states are already feeling the impact of this looming crisis. These post-colonial governments and the national bourgeoisies in these countries are more vulnerable than ever since they are largely dependent on the foreign exchange earnings from exports to ensure their dominance within these societies.
It is quite obvious that the neo-liberal agenda in operation for the last three decades is running its course. The only real solution to the crisis is socialist reconstruction and planning within a continental and global Pan-African framework.

There is no mention of what this 'socialist reconstruction and planning' would be but we can agree that globally the neo-liberal agenda has worked well only for the capitalist class and that definitely needs to be defeated.


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